Infrared heater Bathroom

Infrared heater Bathroom

Bathroom heating provides wonderful comfort when you get up early in the morning. You want to enter a warm and comfortable bathroom. You want to achieve this without having to turn on a heater hours in advance.

The solution for a bathroom that needs to be heated quickly are the modern infrared panels from Infrared Panel. Infrared heating is economical in consumption, sustainable, beautiful to look at and, in combination with green energy, it is also CO2 neutral.

No more smelly ugly radiators in your bathroom, but a modern infrared panel. Available in all RAL colours, with a photo print or as a mirror panel. Easy to mount on the wall or even on the ceiling.

With a ceiling infrared panel you have the advantage that the floor is always wonderfully warm. Like underfloor heating, but without the high costs. Infrared panel hardly needs a warm-up time, so that you actually enjoy instant heat.

Benefits of bathroom heating

A bathroom heating brings many advantages to the fore. Especially if the bathroom is heated with infrared panels. First of all, an infrared panel does not heat the air, but the objects and people in the room.

By objects we mean the bathroom furniture, floor, walls and other fixed objects. These objects retain heat, making them feel warm. They then reflect the heat back. You feel the heat from all sides.

Because the walls are warm, there is hardly any condensation in the room after showering. This prevents mold from forming in the bathroom. In addition, Infrared heaters are very economical in consumption. You have no maintenance costs and the installation is easy.

In addition to these advantages, you also benefit from beautiful designs. Infrared panels for the bathroom are only 2 to 3 cm thick. You mount them on the wall or ceiling. Space-saving and it also looks very nice in this room.

Electric heaters

Maximum safety in the bathroom

In the bathroom you want everything to be safe. After all, you are standing there with bare feet on the floor. Some people think that electrical heating in the bathroom is dangerous, but nothing could be further from the truth. Our electrical infrared panels carry the IP54 class.

This means that they are splash-proof and you can safely use them in a bathroom or other damp room. When installing in damp rooms, always keep a safe distance of 60 cm from the nearest water connection.

In addition, our infrared panels have no sharp points or edges. The glass infrared panel is made of ESG safety glass. In addition, all our bathroom panels carry the German TÜV GS quality mark, which stands for very high efficiency and quality.

The heating panels are also protected with an overheating switch. Should the panel not turn off for any reason, it will turn off automatically. The safer you can have in the wet room with an electric heating bathroom with infrared.

Various types of bathroom panels

Infrared heaters USA supplies various types of infrared panels for your home. We have a suitable infrared solution for every room in the house. Such as for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, hallway, garage and bathroom.

An infrared mirror panel is a much-seen heat solution for the bathroom. Not only do you benefit from a warm bathroom, but you will also never again be bothered by a fogged mirror surface. See your reflection immediately when you get out of the shower.

An infrared panel with a towel dryer is also ideal. Wonderful when you get out of your bath and wrap a warm towel around you. Not only do you have warm and dry towels, but also a comfortable temperature in the bathroom.

Don’t have room on the wall for the slim infrared panel that is only 2 cm thick? No problem, then choose ceiling mounting. The advantage of this is that the rays are directed downwards and you therefore have a warm floor.

Infrared heating bathroom ensures a warm and dry bathroom. Available as mirror panel, towel dryer or ceiling panel. Never again a fogged mirror, no problems with condensation and no mold with infrared heating in the bathroom.

Why electric heating in the bathroom?

Electric heating in the bathroom quickly heats up the wet room. The most economical and effective electric heating in the bathroom is through infrared radiation. Infrared bathroom mirror heater or towel dryer. In wall or ceiling model.

Everyone wants an economical and sustainable electric heating for the bathroom. Economical in consumption, durable and pleasantly warm. With an electric heating you always have heat nearby for cold mornings, but also for chilly evenings.

In the past, bathrooms were heated with gas. This is no longer the norm today. At first, heating with electricity was a lot more expensive than with gas, but that difference is decreasing.

By electrically heating with green energy, you no longer emit CO2. In addition, the infrared heating panels of Infrared Panel are very economical and sustainable in consumption. That is not only good for the wallet, but also for our planet.

Choose an electric heating with infrared rays so that you can enjoy a comfortable bathroom every morning. The panels are available in different shapes, capacities and designs. Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting.

Environmentally friendly heating

An electric radiator is the green solution for heating your bathroom or other room in your house. More and more people are opting for environmentally friendly and gasless heating. Electric heating is an excellent start.

The electric heaters can run on self-generated electricity with the help of solar panels, for example. In addition, we only sell heat panels that are energy-saving. As a result, you do not pay more than is necessary to heat the room.

Do you have gas heating throughout the house, but do you want electric heating in the bathroom, for example? Then an electric heating panel from Infrared Panel is also an excellent solution as additional heating.

Infrared panels have a short warm-up time of only 8 to 15 minutes, making them ideal for the bathroom. You want to enjoy fast and sustainable heat there. For the bathroom, always opt for a slightly higher power, so that the room heats up quickly.

The best electric heating in the bathroom is an infrared panel.

An electric heating in the bathroom not only provides wonderful warmth, but also comfort and a healthy indoor climate. With the Infrared panel you immediately benefit from warm and mold-free walls, no fogged mirror and dry towels.

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Mirror with heating

With a mirror with heating with lighting, you steal the show in the bathroom. With our infrared mirror panel you will never again be bothered by a fogged mirror after showering or bathing. The lighting is provided by economical LED lighting. Infrared panel always recommends mounting the panel opposite the shower or bath.

At first glance, the ir mirror panels are not even recognizable as heating. The infrared technology is hidden in the housing of the high-quality mirror. In this way, it provides unobtrusive and space-saving heat in the bathroom.

You can install a bathroom infrared mirror panel both horizontally and vertically. Mount the mirror horizontally above the washbasin or vertically as a full-length mirror on the wall. The heating panel is only 2 cm thick.

The mirror panels are made of hardened ESG safety glass and are available with or without a frame. You can also connect LED lighting to it, which you operate with one remote control. This can also be done afterwards if necessary. Also outdoor heaters with mirror, everything is possible.

Dual zone towel dryer panel

Heat the bathroom and dry your towels with the dual zone glass towel heater from Ecaros or Welltherm. Thanks to the two zones present, you can use various surface temperatures.

The upper zone has an infrared heating surface of 120 degrees. The lower part has a drying function and reaches a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius. The heating panels are space-saving, thanks to the slim design of only 2 cm.

The glass infrared panels are made of ESG safety glass, which ensures that the glass is very strong and that blunt glass splinters are formed in the event of a breakage. Thanks to the IPX4 class, the infrared panels with towel dryer are splash-proof. A safe heating towel rail in all shapes and sizes.

All infrared panel heating panels are safe and of high quality. They contain the high-quality German TÜV quality mark, which means that they meet strict quality requirements. The ESHC technique, equal heat distribution of the panel, ensures a high efficiency.

By using our economical towel heater in combination with solar panels, you no longer emit CO2. Or use green energy from your energy supplier. Durable and economical infrared panel.

You don’t want to miss a towel heater in the bathroom. In the morning you immediately enjoy a warm bathroom. When you get out of the shower, wrap yourself in a lovely warm towel. Hang the wet towels on the bracket and they will be dry in no time.

Brands infrared heaters in the world

The best infrared heaters in the world are Welltherm, Alkari, Ecaros, Warmtehop, HeatXL, Ecosun, Infraroodpaneel, Industriele verwarming BE, Industriele verwarming NL, Heliosa and Mo-el.