Infrared Heaters USA

Infrared heaters USA

Infrared panels are nice and warm within 5 to 10 minutes
Infrared heating is of high quality and very durable. The design, finish and luxurious appearance sometimes make you forget that we are dealing with infrared heating or electric heating.

An energy efficient and environmentally friendly electric heating. In combination with green electricity, you do not emit CO2. An electric infrared panel is available in various beautiful designs and capacities, such as an infrared heating mirror or heating painting. Also a good solution as bathroom heating is an infrared mirror and towel heater. The infrared panels are suitable for wall and ceiling mounting.

The surface of an infrared panel heats up within 5 to 10 minutes. That depends on the material of the panel. A classic infrared panel with a steel housing heats up in 5 minutes and then radiates the infrared heat into the room.

With an infrared panel made of glass, the heating process takes about 8 to 10 minutes. A room without furniture takes longer to warm up. This is because the infrared rays from the infrared heaters USA heat the objects in the room.

Multiple infrared panels in your home

Heating the home by placing several infrared panels in a room, you reach the desired temperature faster. When the infrared panels have reached the set temperature, the infrared panel switches off automatically.

With little electricity consumption, an infrared panel can keep the room pleasantly at a constant temperature. Partly because of this, infrared heating is sustainable in terms of energy consumption. And certainly in combination with green electricity, which also makes you CO2 neutral.

Heating with an infrared panel is not only beneficial for your wallet, but also for the environment. In addition, the installation is simple and fast. On top of everything, you also benefit from a maintenance-free life. Infrared panels have no rotating parts that can break, so there are no maintenance costs.

Electric heating in the bathroom, are you looking for the best infrared outdoor heater, an infrared desk heating or a wireless thermostat? Buy infrared panels and thermostats. More than 400 products from the infrared heater brands Welltherm, Ecaros, Alkari, Ecosun, Heliosa and Mo-el. 

Bathroom heater

Infrared panels as main heating

Purchasing main heating in new or existing buildings, the solution is infrared heaters. These are the best alternative to the traditional heating system. It can be used perfectly in the house as the main heating. With new infrared panels, the infrared heating can be directly combined with solar panels.

Because of the good insulation in new buildings, an infrared panel is extremely suitable there.

In well-insulated homes. At an outside temperature of below zero 0°C, it is often still 16°C inside. An infrared panel then requires little energy to raise the temperature to 20°C. This way you create a pleasant indoor climate.

In addition to lower energy costs, low purchase costs and easy installation. The unique designs of infrared panels make them particularly attractive. Infrared panels of infrared panel also have a long lifespan of about 25 years. Infrared panel also has low temperature heating to save energy.

You also want to get rid of the ugly gray heating, switch to infrared heating, glass heating panels in all colors or with a photo print. In addition to being sustainable, a main heating can also be beautiful. An infrared panel is the future, because we all  are switching to electric heating.

Using infrared panel as additional heating

Additional heating required, especially in spring and autumn. When it is not yet very cold and you only need to heat a little. Is it usually not worth the trouble to switch on the underfloor heating? You can opt for additional heating through economical infrared heating.

It takes a long time to heat up. For many of our customers, infrared living room panels are a sustainable solution.

The infrared heaters for heating are then placed in such a way that you are in the direct radiation zone. Because the infrared heat penetrates deeper into the skin. You will soon have a pleasantly warm feeling.

Every winter residents ask themselves the question. When is the right time to turn on the central heating? If you enable it too early, there is a risk of high costs. Infrared panels for additional heating are very suitable for this transitional period.

An infrared panel is durable, quickly generates pleasant radiant heat and is a cheap heater. Sustainable heating starts with Infrared heaters USA. Unlimited choices of additional heaters from brands, such as an Ecaros infrared panel, Ecoline heating or the what cheaper infrared heating brand Alkari. 

Infrared heater picture

Buy a infrared heater picture, because a stove can also look nice in your interior. Old-fashioned central heating radiators are no longer of this time. A heater with an image of a painting, a photo of your children, anything is possible.

Your friends and family will be jealous when they enter your living room and see the heating poster. Possibly with a beautiful print of your loved one. Most people do not believe that it is also an infrared heater picture

An infrared heater picture combines the efficient heat with the beautiful design. It is the ideal solution for a heating system with panel art that can be seen in your interior.

The only condition is that we receive a high-quality photo of it, so that we can place it on your heating panel painting or heating panel photo. We can use any image with at least 300dpi and large format. An infrared panel with a photo is not expensive and it makes your room so much more beautiful. Make your own panel, take a photo and we will place it on your art heating.

With metal infrared panels, the infrared panel resembles a canvas panel, which is more suitable for infrared heating painting.

With the hardened safety glass, the finish for infrared poster of your photo is gloss and the colors are deep, very suitable for infrared heater picture,

Comfortable bathroom heating

Set the bathroom heating a few degrees warmer, so that it is nice and warm. A mirror or ceiling infrared panel are ideal for use in the bathroom. In addition, they require little space.

If you have already installed an infrared radiator in your bathroom, an infrared panel such as an infrared mirror or towel dryer is also an ideal addition.

Many people use an infrared panel as additional heating during the transition period to winter. Especially in small bathrooms it is possible to mount a heating panel like this, a small heater, such as infrared mirror or towel dryer. That you are directly in the radiation area of ​​the infrared panel.

You will then feel the wonderful heat rays of the infrared bathroom panel on your skin. And you’ll never be cold in the bathroom again.

You can also buy a towel dryer and mirror with heating from us. Get informed or buy infrared panels in our online shop. The towel dryer, or towel rack with heating, can also be printed with a heating poster or infrared heating painting. The choice is huge and you can choose from a small infrared panel to a mega large. You can buy brands such as Welltherm panels and Alkari infrared.

Mirror heating in the bathroom provides so many benefits. No more fogged mirrors. The bathroom is quickly warm with an infrared panel, dry walls and no more mold.

Childs room heater

Infrared heater chalkboard

Infrared heater chalkboard is a nice addition to your decor. It is an infrared panel and blackboard in one. The chalkboard heater is like a blackboard that you can write on with real chalk.

The infrared heating chalkboard is made of hardened ESG-H safety glass and finished in a matte black color. Because the infrared panel is only 2.2 centimeters thick, you save a lot of space in the room.

The infrared chalkboard panels are robust and unbeatable. A suitable place for a chalkboard panel is in the kitchen, nursery or hallway. Write the shopping list or a nice message on it. Children can draw on it, also with colored crayons. Chalkboard in kitchen or room is cheap and great fun.

An infrared heating chalkboard is also suitable for entrepreneurs. Think of restaurants where the daily menu is shown on the panel. Or in an office space as a brainstorming panel. Entrepreneurs save a lot of space and guests and employees enjoy a pleasant environment.

How do infrared heaters work

There are 3 types of infrared rays:

1. Short wave infrared A radiation. (used for patio heating)

2. Mid wave infrared B radiation.

3. Long wave infrared C radiation (used with infrared panel)

The radiation or heat wave from an infrared panel consists of a long wave C radiation. Take the Earth as an example. The earth is heated by the warm rays of the sun. The air is unable to warm itself.

The air gets warmer due to the reflection of the heat from the earth. Just like the sun, the infrared rays do not heat the air mass. But they actually heat objects that are in the room, such as furniture, appliances, walls and also people. You can install our infrared panels in renovation or new construction houses. Existing houses are slightly less insulated and require more infrared panels.

Compared to traditional electric heating, infrared panels save a lot of electricity. Energy consumption can be reduced by more than 50 percent.

Advantages infrared heating

Advantage Infrared heating is durable, economical and safe. We all need to switch to electric heating and infrared heating from Infrared panel is the solution. The energy transition means that we will stop using gas and switch to electric heating.

You can usually easily connect a heat panel by means of infrared heating to the existing electricity network. You save a lot of time and money with the electric heating with thermostat.

The installation of infrared heating panels is very easy. And the transition to infrared panels as main heating can be done step by step. You then always buy an infrared panel for each room separately.

This means that during the transition period, the remaining rooms can simply be heated via the old system. This way you will not experience any inconvenience and you will never be without heating.

Infrared panel heat panels save you money on energy bills. Now switch to gas-free heating with a heating panel.

Infrared panels at the office

The climate control in offices is one of the biggest annoyances for employees. One person is always cold. The other prefers to be in his t-shirt.

By heating the workplaces individually with infrared panels, you no longer have these problems. In addition to a space-saving and simple ceiling installation, every employee receives a small infrared panel in the room. Infrared panel also has infrared panels for suspended ceilings, in addition to the regular ceiling heating.

The temperature can easily be set per office. An ideal room temperature is especially important in the workplaces where employees spend the whole day. This contributes to a pleasant working environment. Also consider a blackboard with infrared electric heating for your office.

Advantages of infrared panels in office buildings

Excellent indoor climate without dust, no cold feet and no dry air.
Heating per office, so that every employee can regulate the temperature that is comfortable for him or her.

Good for our health

Heating with infrared rays has many positive effects on our health. And for several reasons:

1. Infrared panels heat the walls, floor, ceilings and other objects in the room. They do not heat the air like a conventional heating system.

This makes the air inside a bit cooler. This results in better humidity. This is a great advantage in most of the winter.

When the humidity is not right, such as with a convection heating, your immune system can weaken.

With the right humidity in the house you feel fitter. House heating starts with Infrared panel. As a result, you also have a higher resistance to, for example, influenza infections.

2. The ir rays keep the walls dry. Mold spores have virtually no chance! This also benefits your health.

Heating by means of infrared radiation is good for your health. This has been proven for decades, the centuries of heat.

New technology heating system

The interior of the Infrared panel electric heating is unique. Our heating elements are very thin and evenly distributed over the panel.

This creates a maximum surface heat distribution. As a result, our infrared panels are quickly at the desired temperature. They therefore also have a short reaction time when you change the temperature in the room.

Our high-tech heating system can withstand high temperatures of up to 20 degrees Celsius. This guarantees the long life of the infrared heating of the Infrared panel.

Innovative products are unimaginable without new design and innovations in materials. New technical developments, new materials and new designs are closely linked.

Depending on the type, the infrared panels are available with:
– a powder coat layer
– a glossy glass surface or
– made of high-quality toughened safety glass.

The only 20 mm thick panels can be mounted unobtrusively on the wall or as ceiling heating. The installation is done using a unique suspension system. It has a good lock.

Do you want to renovate your house or are you moving? No problem, the panels can be removed from the wall or ceiling with one hand. For the operation of the noiseless infrared panels you only need a power connection.